Uniform and Book Shop Bookings

To enable you to commence planning for the start of school in 2019, listed below are the dates on which the TAS Uniform and Book Shop will be open.

I urge you to make an appointment as soon as possible.  Appointments will commence at 9.00am each day and the last appointment will conclude by 5.00pm.


December 17 to 21


January 7 to 11
January 14 to 18
January 21 to 25

  • You will need approximately one to one and a half hours for the uniform fitting.
  • This time includes sufficient time for your child to try on uniforms and have the uniforms name labelled with a commercial grade labelling machine (If required).
  • When you go to the booking system, you can choose an appointment time of 90 minutes (which includes labelling) or an appointment time of 60 minutes (which does NOT include labelling).
  • By choosing the correct service option, it will allow staff time to pre-prepare some labels and have the machine warmed up ready for your appointment, if necessary.
  • Labelling at the uniform shop comes at a minimal cost of 50 cents per item which includes not only printing of the label but also application of the label to your garment.
  • Please note, each article must be clearly marked with a name tag.
  • As an alternative to the school labelling machine, you can pre-purchase name tags at Cashs’ Name Tags on line at http://www.nametapes.com.au/sew-in-name-tapes  Style 9, background colour white, standard tape.
  • Please bring cash or a card so you can settle your first uniform account on the day.  We advise that we cannot accept payment by cheque.

    Note that the sooner you make an appointment the easier it will be to accommodate your specific request for a time. We ask that you are prompt to arrive at your allotted appointment time. If one family arrives late, then it puts the rest of the appointments for that day behind schedule. As a lot of our families do travel a long distance to get here for their appointments, I am sure you can appreciate the need to keep as close to time as possible.

    The Uniform and Book Shop is located within the school grounds. The most convenient access is from the Brown Street entrance to the school. Please refer to the map of the school, which shows the location of the Clothing Shop.

    Don’t delay – please use the booking system and book your appointment time now.