The TAS Hoskins Centre

Built largely thanks to the generous donation of Old Boy Michael Hoskins after whom it is named, the Michael Hoskins Creative Arts Centre opened in 2009, providing both TAS and Armidale with a purpose-built teaching and performance venues in which the creative spirit is nurtured, expressed and showcased. It is the only dedicated professional performing arts space in Armidale and the impact it has had on our students and staff, on the culture of the school and the interest in the Arts since its opening is profound.

In 2019, the 10th anniversary of the opening of the TAS Hoskins Centre, we would like to acknowledge and thank Mike Hoskins once again for his vision and generosity. Without doubt, this is a space that has ignited  spark of passion for so many who have excelled in drama, music, art and film and have developed professional skills in lighting, sound and theatre management.