From The Headmaster’s address at the opening of the Hoskins Centre

“As I look back on the whole journey to today, there are so many people that we are indebted to for their contributions, both financial and in effort and expertise. The School Foundation which co-ordinated the fundraising, the P&F and Old Boys who so enthusiastically fundraised and contributed significantly and the many individuals who gave. In addition our Creative Arts staff who drew together the philosophy which underpins the building, our groups and maintenance staff who are responsible for the landscaping and so many other staff who have been involved in aspects of the project. Finally I thank Mike Hoskins whose generosity has enabled us to open this wonderful Creative Arts Centre today.

“This building stands as a bold statement of the priorities of the School. Provision of first-rate facilities for drama, art and public speaking – bringing them together with music in a creative and performing arts precinct – has been put on the top of the agenda and this agenda is now completed. I see this area as not only a core strength of the School but as an area of fundamental importance to boys’ development. This facility will shine the spotlight on public performance and creative expression as part of the core curriculum, along with literacy, numeracy and the like, rather than as a co-curricular activity for those with an ‘arty bent’.

“Just as I believe that every boy has a spirit of adventure that should be developed through outdoor challenge, I also believe that every boy has creativity inside him that must be challenged to bring it out. It is the further development of this side of school life within the curriculum that is the real excitement of the Creative Arts Centre and I am looking forward to seeing it in the coming years very much.”

Murray Guest