Grand Opening

Describing the new facility at its official opening, benefactor Mike Hoskins spoke of his joy and gratification at how the project had progressed. in particular, how impressed he was with the light and airy foyer, which channelled the visitor into the “breathtaking inner sanctum” that is the theatre, flanked as it is by two light-filled teaching spaces.

The familyThe Hoskins family (from left): Caroline, Jill, Monica and Ralph Hoskins); Ami Dave and Michael Hoskins; Bill Hoskins, Diana Hoskins.


The opening night concert was a showcase of superb creativity, with performances by ┬áMegan Longhurst, former Australian Opera soprano Peta Blyth, Hannah Fraser and TAS Music and Drama students. A most moving highlight of the evening was George Torbay’s direction of the TAS Singers performing ‘Flanders Field’, dedicated to Old Boy Lt Michael Fussell, who was killed in active service in Afghanistan, only months before. Another highlight was a chorus of 30 Old Boys The Policeman’s Chorus from Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance; and the vocal group The Blenders.

Photos from the Opening Concert